Article on how Utah’s brand reached new heights during 2002 Winter Olympic Games

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The 2002 Olympic Winter Games improved the Utah brand. For over two weeks, the world was treated to shots of our state’s unsurpassed natural beauty and our world-class facilities for hosting winter activities.

In all, 2.1 billion viewers in 160 countries and territories amassed 13.1 billion viewer hours of Olympic coverage. The estimated value of print media exposure value during the Games tallied $22.9 million.

“There was literally no escaping Utah for those 16 days,” said Lane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber, who served as chief Olympic officer during the Games. “We still see the benefits to this day. People want to come and ski the Greatest Snow on Earth—especially after they have seen the greatest skiers performing at a world-class level on it.”

Coverage of the Games included national and syndicated stories, USA Today stories, Sports Illustrated features and thousands of stories in major media markets.

Even before the Games officially began, the torch relay brought 11,520 torch-bearers and traveled in 46 states.

In the skies, 2.2 million airline passengers viewed the 27-minute Bud Greenspan film called Discover Utah.

Follow-on Utah advertising has reached tens of millions of people in targeted markets, and Utah continued to receive positive media attention from the Torino and Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

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