Introducing Linda Molyneux

Linda Molyneux was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and started in the insurance industry February 14, 1977 as a coder and rater for Travelers Insurance Company. She stayed there for a year and they wanted her to be in charge of a “quick quote” desk but she decided to go work for American States Insurance as a rater for more money. When she started at American States Insurance she found out that she was pregnant with her daughter but the company liked her work so well that they paid her to take endorsements home and process then and bring them back to the office for typing. After her daughter was 13 months old she went to work full time again for American States for just a short time. One of her friends who was an underwriter went for an interview to work at an agency and came back and told her that she was perfect for this job. In 1979 she started employment at American Insurance & Investment Corporation as an underwriter, rater and policy typist for several companies that they represented until August of 1982 when she joined Monson Insurance. She has been here for almost 30 years. With her extensive background in working at companies and other agencies it has been very beneficial in her service to her clients.

Linda enjoys helping her customers find the best policy for the lowest cost and worries about them and their businesses. She feels that each of them is a personal friend and she wants them to succeed in their business and personal ventures and be profitable in their endeavors.