Utah #4 in the nation for internet speed ? ranked above all other western states

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Broadband Project and industry support place Utah high in national ranking

In its most recent “State of the Internet” report, Akamai Technologies ranked Utah at #4 in the nation, above coastal western neighbors California (#6) and Washington (#9). The report is a quarterly comparison of average internet speeds of states across the U.S.

Internet speed and infrastructure are crucial components of Utah’s position in economic development, technology, and education climates. Several studies even suggest a correlation between broadband access and lower unemployment rates.

“Utah was the only inland western state to be highly ranked,” said Tara Thue, manager of the Utah Broadband Project at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). “Given Utah’s large concentration of rural land, this ranking says something significant about our progress in distributing high-speed access throughout the entire state.”

The Utah Broadband Project launched in 2010 and aims to map available broadband services in the State. The mapping data is used to identify gaps in service and will be used by policymakers and leaders to develop a statewide plan to make broadband access available to all Utahns. Over 45 broadband service providers have willingly partnered with the Project to supply data and information for the map.

“Twenty-first century business runs on high-speed internet, and we appreciate the support and cooperation of broadband service providers throughout Utah, which has been critical to the success of the Project. This kind of partnership with teamwork and collaboration between government and the private sector is why Utah continues to be recognized as the best place for business and careers,” said Spencer Eccles, executive director of GOED.

For more information on the Akamai Technologies’ “State of the Internet” report, see the article by The Huffington Post.

For more information on the Utah Broadband Project, visit http://utah.gov/broadband/index.html.

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