"Utah: Mixing Business and Pleasure"

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Looking to persuade someone to move to Utah to work for your business? Looking to convince the folks at headquarters to move more operations to Utah? Put this fun and fast-paced video into the mix!


On Jan. 26, Zions Bank hosted its “Business + Technology Connection” reception at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development and USTAR were supporting sponsors of the event, which attracted several hundred people from the film, digital media and general business community, both in and out of the state.

The Governor addressed the audience, along with actor/producer Danny Glover, Adobe chairman John Warnock, and other luminaries.

Another high point of the event was this short “whirlwind tour” video that showcases why Utah is a great place to visit, and a great place to move to and do business.

The video was underwritten by Zions Bank and produced by Love Communications. It promises to be used by USTAR in attracting new researchers to our state. (By the way, the test tube scene was filmed in the lab of University of Utah USTAR researcher Ling Zang.)

USTAR has several spare copies of the DVD available as supplies last. Email ustarinfo@utah.gov if you would like a copy. Include your postal address.

Final note: The actual presentation at the Connection event was a blend of street theater and video, with the video’s actor standing in the live audience and coming forward to interrupt the Governor. You can see how it all plays out in this version. Note how Danny Glover reacts to the Governor’s acting skills. Enjoy!


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