Why Should I Use An Agent?

We are an insurance agency and people ask why they should use an agent rather than go directly to the company. I’ll answer that. First an agent will do the work for you. Independent agents work with many different companies and they can quote all of those companies to find you the best rate. If you wanted to do that on your own, you would have to contact every company and spend the time giving them the information they need. Also, many insurance companies only let you go through an agent.

Secondly, your agent is a great source of knowledge. Any time you have a question about your insurance, you can make a quick call to your agent. If it involves insurance then your agent can answer it.

Thirdly, when you have your insurance with an agent you deal with one or two people, not whoever is in the call center when you dial the 800 number. Agents get to know their clients and clients get to know their agents. Knowing there is a real person who knows you and your situation can be a real benefit when making insurance decisions.

An agent can be a great benefit. Give one a call today. Here is a good number 801-893-2133

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